2018 New And Buzzworthy Online Bidding Features


Over the past five years Greater Giving Online Bidding has been incredibly popular helping thousands of organizations create a great guest experience at events and during fundraising campaigns. As we head into January 2018 Online Bidding is getting an upgrade that helps make the experience even better. With so many updates its hard to name them all. Below is a look at a few our team is the most excited about.

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 Online Bidding New and Buzzworthy Features:

Real Time Onscreen Updates

The updated interface now offers real time screen updates. This means bidders don't have to refresh their screen to see if they are out bid. If a package has been bid on while you are looking at it the details will reflect the new bid amount right in front of you.


Package Slide View

Exploring what packages are available just got even easier with the new Package Slide View.  With the swipe of a finger Bidders can go from package to package and see attributes of the package. Package order is based off of Package numbers or Package classes.


Upgraded Bidding Navigation

Online Bidding is still device responsive so it auto adjusts whether your on desktop or mobile. With the new update this gets even better with new side menu navigation. The new menu includes a donation button at the top so it's easy for groups to contribute to your cause. Favorites are also included in the menu so you can see the packages your currently watching.


“Learn To Bid” menu

Got a supporter who is brand new to Online Bidding? Point them to the “Learn To Bid” menu that aims to teach and educate bidders. Setting up a self help option helps bidders build their strategy. Text/Copy in the Learn To Bid menu is pre created so it's ready you go live with your packages.


Online Bidding Dashboard

This new feature is an Online Bidding administrators best friend. See real time updating stats so you know exactly how much money you have made in bidding as well as in donations. See analytics on top 10 bidders as well as top 10 packages.


Upgraded Messaging Options

Feedback from users has been they would like to pre write their text messages used on event night. With this new update you can do just that. Add you message and include your Tag so it's ready to go on event night.


Analytic Tools

Via the Online Bidding Dashboard you can dive into the activity of specific Bidder and learn more about their actions. All from one screen you can remove bids, see all max bids and review the details of their From the Online Bidding Dashboard dive into specific of a Package or a Bidder. This is also where you can remove bids.


New Donate Page

Using the same features as real time on screen updates the donation options in Online Bidding just got even more powerful. Select any donation amounts in ascending or descending order. A new thermometer on the page will update real time as the donations come in.


Updated Bid Dial and Max Bidding

A new and updated bid selector set to a dial makes it easy to see bid increments and place a bid. Max Bidding is simple and easy to differentiate on screen so its not clicked accidentally. Bold colors and clean design make it easy to follow in a venue space with low lighting or lots of distractions.


New & Improved Display Boards

Display Boards in Greater Giving consist of Leaderboard, Countdown Display, and Appeal Display. Users a can now select from a list of different gauge types as well as background colors and other options. Click on on the Display Board menu at the top right opens a Display Settings menu with configure options.



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