January 10, 2018 Release Highlights

New: Icons in Go Time’s Supporter list display additional Supporter information


Go Time’s supporter list used in Check-in, Checkout and a few other locations in Go Time now include the following icons:

  • Users who have a valid admission now have a ticket icon ticket.png displayed to the left of their name.
  • Users who are currently active Online Bidders now have a gavel icon hammer.png to the left of the new ticket column


Improvement: Self-registered bidders no longer auto assigned 8000 bid numbers

Based on customer feedback, self-registered Online Bidders are no longer automatically assigned 8000 bid numbers.

New: Ability to search for and sort by self-registered supporters

The Supporter advanced search options now include the ability to search based on if a Supporter has self-registered.


A new, optional Self-Registered Online Bidder column is available in the Supporter Grid.


Improvement: Welcome messages now always sent to guests when checked in via Go Time

Based on customer feedback, the Online Bidding welcome message is always sent to Supporters when they are checked in. This is to assure that guests always have the most recent information when checking in, regardless of how long ago they might have registered to bid and received their initial welcome message

Improvement: Improved activation logic when using the “Enable Online Bidding” function in the Supporter grid

Based on customer feedback, household/member bidder activation logic will now include bid number assignment when activating.

  • If households share a bid number then the household record will be enabled as the Online Bidder.
  • If households and household members have bid numbers then all member records with a bid number will be enabled as an Online Bidder.

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