Getting Started: How to Login

To log into Greater Giving Online, please visit  

If you are an administrator, type in the Username and Password provided to you by Greater Giving.

As a user, type in the Username and Password provided to you by your administrator.


If you cannot log in:

  • Verify the Username and Password provided to you are correct, including capital letters.
  • Click Forgot Username or Password to recover your log in information.
  • If you do not receive an email, contact your administrator to verify the E-mail address associated with the account is correct.

As an administrator, you can Reset Passwords and Create New Users. See our User Permissions page to determine what permissions to grant your Users.

Session Inactivity Timeout:

After a certain period of inactivity, users will be automatically logged out of their session within Greater Giving Online. Ten minutes before their session ends, a display will prompt users to choose to remain logged into Greater Giving Online or log out.

  • Select Keep Working – Users will remain on the page and their inactivity counter will reset.
  • Select Logout – Users will be logged out immediately from Greater Giving Online.
  • Do nothing – Users will be logged out automatically after 10 minutes.



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