Payment Reports

The most common use for our Payment reports is reconciliation for the Statements of Account that we send you. However, they can also be used if you want to know which Supporter paid with alternative payment methods (Cash or Check), totals of Payment types, or even a standard Payment export that gives you all applicable information about a payment. Accessing these reports is as simple as viewing your payments, applying filters, and clicking the Reports & Exports button in the toolbar. Below, we cover common filters as well as our Payment Reports. 

Common Filters:

Filtering Payment Reports is done through Show Advanced Search while Viewing/Editing Payments. Typically, filtering by Payment Type, Date Range, or Operator Name is the most common. However there are a number of options present in Show Advanced Search. We recommend experimenting with these options and finding the one that works best for your organization. Below, we cover how to filter your Payment Report.

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Payments under the Payments header.
  2. Click Show Advanced Search in the top right.
    • If filtering by Payment Type, use the Payment Type drop down menu and select as many or few payment types as you want.
    • If filtering by a Date Range, use the Date Range fields with an M/D/YYYY format.
    • If filtering by Operator Name, it will search on operator names containing whatever you input into the field.
  3. After you have applied filters, click Search.
  4. Click Reports & Exports in the toolbar to be taken to the Payment Reports & Exports. It will automatically use the Search you just applied.

 Click here for a list of Payment Reports.

The most frequently used Payment report is the Payment List by Bidder report. This report is used for a line item reconciliation of Statements of Account, as well as a listing of your individual Bidder’s and each of their individual payments found in Manage Sales and Payments. Common filters for this report are the Payment Type, and the Date Range. The only setting that can be changed on this report is the Show Address line for each Bidder, which includes a phone number.


The Payment Totals by Payment Type is a very simple report. It is used primarily to determine totals of each payment type for use within your own organization. We recommend no filters, and it has no additional settings to apply. It is a very short report with all your Payment Types listed, as well as the total of Payments with that type.

The Standard Payment Export can be used if you want a simple, configurable Excel report that shows similar information as the PAY-01, with a few variances. Primarily, the PAY-10 does not have an option for the Bidder’s Address or phone number, but does include Payment Notes if your organization has made any of those. Filters that we recommend include Payment Type and Date Range. Otherwise, the report is an easy to read Excel sheet of all payments your organization has entered into the Event Software Online.

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