Sales Reports

Sales reports are very simple, easy to filter reports that provide some additional information about the sales that have been tied to each Supporter record. While you can always decide what search filters you find best, below we will cover some recommended filters as well as a brief overview of the Sales reports that we offer. 

Filtering Sales Reports:

Our most common filters for Sales reports are Package Name, Date Range, Package Type, and Multi-Sale Package Sold. All of these filters can be accessed by viewing Sales, clicking on Show Advanced Search, and applying the filters. Below is a walk-through of applying these filters.

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Sales under the Sales header.
  2. Click Show Advanced Search in the top right.
    • The Package Name field will match whatever text you enter; you do not need the full package name.
    • If using the Date Range, Greater Giving recommends M/D/YYYY date format for each date. Note this is the date the package was sold to the Supporter.
    • If searching on Multi-Sale Packages Sold, use the drop down menu to select as many or few packages as you wish.
    • If searching on Package Type, use the drop down menu to choose Auction, Admission, Sponsorship, or Donation packages.
  3. After you have applied your filters, click Search.
  4. Click the Reports & Exports button in the toolbar below to run a report using the filters you just applied.

Click here for a list of Sales Reports.

The Basic Sales List is a relatively simple report without too many settings to apply. Most notably, it can be used to quickly see all your Sales and their associated payment amounts. This can prove helpful when reconciling Sales. Typical filters for this report Package Type and Multi-Sale Package Sold. Although it can be helpful to enter a Date Range to only get night of event Sales. Within the report itself, additional settings are Show Package Class, Show Event Segment, and finally Show Associated Payment Amount.


The Sales Export with options is our standard export of all of your Sales. Typically, this report is used for exporting your Sales into a clean Excel spreadsheet for use in a mail merge, although you can use this report any time you want a full listing of all Sales. Because this is a standard export, the most commonly used filter is Package Type. Within the report itself, the only additional setting to decide is if you would prefer Sales grid columns or Name Columns & Contact info for mail merge. Something to note about the report is that is does not show associated payment amount, just the status (none, full, partial, or over).


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