Clean HTML

If text is copied from one source into the Package description and restriction area, it can often have unnecessary or complex HTML tags attached to it. These tags can often affect how your package text displays in reporting or on Online Bidding. For the best experience, Greater Giving usually recommends stripping unnecessary HTML out of your Package description and restrictions. For that purpose, there is a Clean HTML tool within Greater Giving Online. This tool can be accessed from View/Edit Packages, and selecting the Clean HTML option in the toolbar. Below, we cover a full step by step walk through of this process. 

  1. From your Project Home, click View/Edit Packages under the Packages header.
  2. Use either the Advanced Search or manually select which Packages you would like to strip the HTML from.
    • If no selections are made, the Clean HTML tool will clean all Package’s HTML.
  3. Click More in the toolbar, and select Clean HTML.cln_html.jpg
  4. A new window will open asking to make a selection for removing HTML.
    • Remove Unnecessary HTML – Removes the unused HTML tags. This doesn’t change how the HTML appears.
    • Remove Most Styling – Removes all unused HTML tags, also removes style attributes. These include fonts, sizes, colors, text alignment, and indenting. This will not remove bolding, italics, tables, or bulleted lists.
    • Remove All HTML – This option will remove all HTML tags, rendering the description and restriction fields as simply plain text.
  5. Make a check to “consider all X Packages” where X is the number of Packages selected. This is required to continue.
  6. Click OK to clean the HTML from your Package descriptions and restrictions.

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