Manually Adding a Donor Role

A Donor role is automatically applied whenever a Supporter is listed as the donor on an Item donation. They can be the primary donor or the secondary donor on the item and still have the Donor role. You can also manually add the Donor role by viewing your Supporters, clicking Edit, and selecting the Donor tab. Below we will cover a step by step walk-through of adding a Donor role to a Supporter.

Reminder: If listed as a Donor for any Item, that Supporter will automatically be marked with a Donor role. You do not need to mark them as such..

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Locate the Supporter whose role you wish to change using the Search bar. If the Supporter is not already in your database, you can Add a Supporter.
  3. Click Edit on the Supporter.
  4. Click the Donor Tab.
  5. Check the box for Is a Donor.
  6. Fill in Affiliate Type & Donor Type if applicable; also make check marks for Anonymous and Do Not Solicit at the Supporter’s discretion. Enter a Soliciting Staff Member (if any) and any extra Donor Notes.
  7. Click Save when finished to apply your new Donor role!


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