Archiving Supporters

Archiving Supporters is how Greater Giving recommends cleaning up your Supporter records. Archiving a Supporter keeps that entire Supporter’s previous sales and payment history intact, but hides them from your Supporter grid. This is opposed to deleting them, because deleting them will also delete any record from your previous Projects, possibly damaging your reporting accuracy. Archiving a Supporter can be done by viewing your Supporters, selecting the Supporter to be archived, and choosing Archive Supporter from the toolbar. A step by step walk-through for Archiving and Unarchiving a Supporter can be found below. 

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Select the Supporter to be Archived by using the check box to the left of the Supporter.
  3. Once you have made your selection, click More in the toolbar, and select Archive or Unarchive Supporters.
  4. Select Archive or Unarchive and click OK to finalize the process.

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