Recalculate Name Fields

If you have imported Supporters, it’s always wise to check the data for entry errors and inconsistencies. If your Supporters have inaccurate or incomplete information it can lead to complications on event night and also in reconciliation after the event. So Greater Giving recommends keeping your data as clean and correct as possible. One of the most common data entry issues after an import is the Supporter Name Fields are not correctly populated. You can easily recalculate name fields by viewing your Supporters and clicking the Recalculate Name Fields button in the tool bar. 

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Make selections using the check box for Supporters which need a name recalculation.
  3. Click More in the toolbar.
  4. Select Recalculate Name Fields.
  5. Click OK in the pop window to recalculate all selected Supporters!
    • This cannot be reversed once completed.
  6. These are the fields to be updated to their original values.
Person Household Business
Informal Salutation Person 1 - Informal Salutation Alpha Sort
Formal Salutation Person 1 - Formal Salutation Business’s - Informal Salutation
Short Formal Salutation Person 1 - Short Formal Salutation Business’s - Formal Salutation
Semiformal Salutation Person 1 - Semiformal Salutation Business’s - Short Formal Salutation
Alpha Sort Person 1 - Alpha Sort Business’s - Semiformal Salutation
Full Name Person 1 - Full Name  
  Person 2 - Informal Salutation  
  Person 2 - Formal Salutation  
  Person 2 - Short Formal Salutation  
  Person 2 - Semiformal Salutation  
  Person 2 - Alpha Sort  
  Person 2 - Full Name  
  Household Name  
  Alpha Sort  
  Household - Informal Salutation  
  Household - Formal Salutation  
  Household - Short Formal Salutation  
  Household - Semiformal Salutation


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