What are Common Reports?

Common Reports are reports most organizations find useful in some way or another. They are used pre- and post-event. Using these reports can expand certain features of Greater Giving Online so that you can get a detailed, in depth look at your event. All of our reports can be found by navigating to All Reports & Exports in your Project Home, or by going into each area of Supporters, Items, Sales, Packages, and Payments. Next to each report is a description column, so that you can get an overview of the report and its capabilities.

Item Reports: See some our most common Item Reports.

Package Reports: See some of our most common Package Reports.

Payment Reports: See some of our most common Payment Reports.

Sales Reports: See some of our most common Sales Reports.

Supporter Reports: See some of our most common Supporter Reports.


Just a few of our Common Reports include:

  • BID-01: Bidder Listing and Check-In: A detailed listing of your bidders in your project. Configurable columns for phone numbers, bidder numbers, table and group names, admissions allocated, emails, and notes. Useful for preparing your check-in team as well as an exportable list of bidders.

  • BID-03: Sales Listing by Supporter: The primary report to see all of your supporters with their sales and any applicable payments. Can be used to list purchases or give totals. An excellent tool in reconciling sales.

  • BID-10: Bidder Name Tags: This report will be essential for your pre-event preparation! The Bidder Name Tags report is recommended after searching on Bidders with allocated admissions, and has a variety of options including a header image, name styles, and options to show the bidder/table number.

  • BID-19: Admissions Purchased and Allocated: A breakdown of all admissions purchased in your Project, as well as allocations of those admissions. Contains full contact information for supporters, and comes in a configurable Excel spreadsheet.

  • PAY-01: Payment List by Bidder: A list of all payments by your bidders. This report works great for Reconciling your Statements, and shows the Bidder number, date received, payment type, check/credit card details, and payment amount. Finally, totals payments at the very bottom.

  • PKG-03: Sales Listing by Package with Buyers: Want a list of all your sold packages, including who bought them and for what price? Look no further. This report breaks down all or selected packages with their sale price and purchaser. Options include adding contact information and addresses for the buyer, as well as a percent over value of sale. Perfect for finding your best selling items!

  • SLS-10: Sales Export With Options: A list of all Sales in your current grid. This is a great report for exporting certain types of sales, and can be configured to have the bidder’s address and contact information.

  • SUM-07: Summary- Package Sales by Section, Type, Class: This report is useful for a high view of your Project. Seeing totals for all your package sales by section (Live, Silent, Online, etc), by type of package (Admission, Auction, Donation, Sponsorship) and even by class, determined by your organization!

  • SUP-01: Supporter Export with Options: Need to backup your database? Want to pull a list of all your supporters, including contact information and any applicable notes? This is the report you need. Excellent for getting a full list of every supporter for any and all Project’s.

  • SUP-02: Sales for Accounting: A powerful report that covers all your supporters and their sales, as well as payments for those sales. Filter options include limiting to certain sales, certain payment types, sale dates and payment dates. Also included are various options for additional information, such as phone numbers and Accounting types.

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