Getting Started: Post-Event Audit

Once your event has come to completion, it is always a wise idea to do a Post-Event Audit of your information. This is helpful because it could potentially limit the amount the voids and refunds you have to do after charging your Supporter’s credit cards. Plus, it can never hurt to double check all the sales and payments that have been entered for your Supporters. Follow our recommended steps below to do your Post-Event Audit.

Print Your Reports:

  1. On your Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Click Reports&Exports.
  3. Choose Run on Grid Selection for the BID-03: Sales Listing by Supporter.
    • The Advanced Settings can be configured however you feel is best, however Greater Giving recommends making a check mark next to each Package Type.
  4. Click Next to generate your report. Print it.
  5. Click Run Another Report.
  6. Choose to Run on Grid Selection for the BID-18: Bidders with Credit Cards on File.
    • Greater Giving recommends setting the Information to Show to be either Charges to be Submitted, or Cards on File.
  7. Click Next to generate your report. Print it.

With these reports in hand, ideally you will be able to see what Bidders have credit cards on file, as well as what they purchased. Compare these reports with your physical bid sheets. If there are any discrepancies, edit them within the appropriate area of Greater Giving Online.

False Payments:

False Payments are what Greater Giving calls payments that were unintentionally entered. Often, it happens when a payment is manually entered to reflect a credit card payment. If using our Manage Charge Batch feature, it is NOT necessary to create a Payment record. Below are some tips for recognizing false payments.

  • If a Supporter has an Auctionpay Swipe payment record, verify that there is an Authorization number in the Settle Status column. If there is no Authorization number, this was a manually added payment and not an actual credit card charge.
  • If a Supporter has a Credit Card (non-GG processing) verify the card was actually charged using your own processing.
  • If a Supporter has a Credit Card Online Payment that you suspect might be a false payment, edit the payment. Check the Source and the Notes. If it was a legitimate Payment, the Source will read Project Website, and the Notes will read Collected via Project Website.

When you have finished auditing all entered sales and payments the next step is charging your credit cards using our Manage Charge Batch feature.

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