Running an Email Campaign

When done successfully, an email campaign can be a powerful and inexpensive tool to reach your Supporters. When abused, mass emails may actually harm your event and reflect poorly on your organization.

At one point, it was suggested that over 100 billion unwanted emails were sent each day. This large scale abuse has led to spam filters blocking unwanted emails from our inboxes. These spam filters work by analyzing email content looking for commonly used words, and subsequently block those emails.

Remember that your Supporters have given your organization permission to send them information about your organization and its events. If you are respectful of that permission, they will appreciate the correspondence and be grateful for additional information. If you abuse that permission, they may choose to stop accepting emails from your organization and may be less likely to support your projects.

Some Suggestions for Running a Successful Campaign:

Use simple formatting: When formatting your email, keep the formatting simple and professional. Excessive use of colors, fonts, and images will be more likely to be filtered as spam. Images are great, but keep them limited, and limit your letter to only a few different fonts.  

Use a template: Creating a template in Greater Giving Online ensures that all your emails have the same professional look and feel, which helps build a rapport with your Supporters.

Include your organization name in the From Name or Subject Line: This informs your Supporter they are getting the email from a trusted source, before they even open the email.

Respect the permission: Your Supporters have given you permission to contact them directly about your organization. Repeated, duplicate, or frequent emails are a quick way to lose Supporter interest, and could even have them decide to opt out of your emails.

Test your campaign: Test your emails by creating a few free email addresses. Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo are a few common, free emails that you can send your correspondence to before attempting to send to your entire Supporter base. This allows you to test if your email will pass the spam filter, and allow you to make changes as necessary if it does not.

Using these tips can help to run a successful email campaign. With the Greater Giving Online service, your organization can send up to 50,000 emails a year. Each additional email will be billed to your organization at a rate of $0.01 per email.

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