Getting Started: Using Grids

Grids are one of the basic views in Greater Giving Online. You can use grids to view or isolate specific records to view or edit, you can also use a grid to sort and select records. 

Grids can be accessed by viewing various areas within the software. The most common areas you will find a grid list are Supporters, Sales, Payments, Items, and Packages. There are other grids, but these are the most frequent. These grids can be accessed by clicking on the View/Edit link under the appropriate header, or by using the View drop down in the top left. See our Customizing Grids for help with changing what information is displayed.

At the top of each grid is a dark blue Summary bar. This tells you what grid you are currently viewing.

Below the Summary bar is the Search bar. The Search bar allows you to search by name, or allows you to do an Advanced Search for more complex searches.

Below the Search bar is the Menu bar. The Menu bar is a commonly used toolbar of various tasks that each grid can perform.


A Supporter is anyone associated with your organization past or present. Attendees, Donors, Sponsors, even Staff members in your organization are all considered Supporters. You can view all your Supporters in one grid.

Active Supporters with a role marked are designated with:actv_bidder.jpg

Inactive Supporters with a role marked are designated with: bidder.jpg

  • Bidder:
    An active bidder is any individual with a bidder number assigned, a ticket allocated or purchased, or any form of sales and payments.
  • Contributor:
    An active contributor is any individual that has donated towards a team or individual in a Join Me Fundraising Project.
  • Donors:
    An active donor is any individual that contributes goods or services in the form of items entered into your system.
  • Sponsors:
    An active sponsor is any individual or business that has the sale of a sponsorship type package tied to their record (please note that this also qualifies them as a bidder).
  • Staff:
    An active staff member is any individual that is listed as the solicitor for items, sales, or donations. Likewise if they are a part of any teams or committees they will have an active staff role.


Items include goods, services, or contributions towards your auction or event. Each item may have one solicitor, and multiple donors. Assigning a value to the item is essential, as it will smooth the process of cataloging and post-event procurement totals. Items are meant for procurement only, and are not intended to be sold. If you wish to sell items, you must first place them into packages.


Packages are what are being sold at your event. Admissions, Donations, actual physical goods, all of these are designated as packages in Greater Giving Online as long as they are being sold.


Sales are the records that link packages to a Supporter who buys that package. All sales include a sale price, and packages that are flagged to be sold as a multiple sale (raffle tickets, drink tickets) can be sold with quantity as well.


Each payment record links one Supporter to an amount and a payment type. This payment is directly associated with one or more sales records. A single Supporter can have multiple payments. Greater Giving Online has some predefined payment types, but you can always specify your own.


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