Item Reports

Item reports can be used for a variety of tasks, but the most common are Item Listings, Item Certificate Reports, and finally Item Exports (for an easy to manipulate Excel spreadsheet of all Items). They can be viewed by viewing your Items, applying any necessary filters, and clicking on the Reports & Exports button in the toolbar. From there you can choose which report you want to run with the filters you previously selected. Below, we will cover some of our most commonly used Reports for Items and some filters for them. 

Common Filters:

When filtering your Item reports, the filters that are applied are largely dependent on what kind of information you are trying to search for. All of the filters are applied through Show Advanced Search in your View/Edit Items Grid. Most commonly, searching on Certificate Type, Procurement Status, and Section Type are used. However other options exist in Show Advanced Search and it is highly recommended to experiment with them and see which options work best for your organization!

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Items under the Items header.
  2. Click Show Advanced Search in the top right.
    • To filter by Section, use the Section drop down list and select as many or few sections as necessary.
    • To filter by Certificate Type, use the Certificate Type drop down list to select either Donor Provided or Software Printed.
    • To filter by Procurement Status, use the Procurement Status drop down menu and select which status you would like to filter by.
  3. After you have applied your Filters, click Search.
  4. Click Reports & Exports in the toolbar to be taken to the Item Reports & Exports. It will automatically use the Search you just applied.

Click here for a list of Item Reports

The Item Listing report is commonly used when you want to have a breakdown of all of your items in a pre-configured, easy to read listing. It has a number of options to allow for customization of the report. The first option is All or Selected. All shows all information pertaining to the Item, while selected only shows Type, Category, Procurement Status, Tax Rate, Certificate Type, and Value. Once you have determined if you want all Item information or just the selected, you can show Donor Information, Item Solicitor, Item Description and Restriction, and Item Notes.


The Item Certificates report is used to print certificates for Items when they are not Donor Provided. There is nothing that prevents you from printing Donor Provided certificates in case you want to have a backup. The most common filters added to this report are Certificate Type, and Section. This report has a number of settings that can be used to customize what appears on the report. You have options for showing the Organization & Event Name, the Item’s Value, the Donor’s Address and Contact Information, an Expiration Message, the Item’s Description and Restriction, the Item & Package Numbers, and the Item Solicitor if applicable.


The Standard Item Export is a frequently used by organizations that wish to have a standardized export in a simple filtered excel spreadsheet. This can be used for a number of different reasons, but the most common use is all of your Item’s information in a line by line spreadsheet for easy filtering. You can apply filters to this using Show Advanced Search, but typically it is run without filters unless you want to know specific Item information. Because all of the information is shown in the export, there are few options to select. Among those are Show All Donors, and Strip HTML Formatting from the Item Description and Restriction.


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