Customizing Picklists

Picklists are fields that have pre-determined information you can choose from. Making that more understandable, there is certain drop down menus in Greater Giving Online where you can customize the available options. For example, in the Location field of Creating an Item, typical locations include Office, Safe, Storage, and With Solicitor. Customizing your picklist means you can change those to Basement, Attic, John’s House, and Living Room. 

Typically Greater Giving advises setting up your Picklists prior to data entry, but you can customize them at any time. Customizing is done through your Project Settings, choosing the appropriate tab, and making your changes. We will cover a step by step walk-through of that process below.

  1. From the Project Home, select Project Settings under the Project Tasks header.
  2. Using the tabs, select the picklist you wish to edit. We will cover the major picklists below.
  3. Click Add to add a new value, click Edit to edit a current value, or make a check next to the value and choose Delete to remove it.

Item Types:
Item Types are a general classification of the direction or purpose of the Item. These types are meant to be broad, as they indicate where in your event they will be used. Common Item Types are Live, Silent, Merchandise, Raffle, and Gift Certificate. Feel free to customize whatever you need.

Item Categories:
Item Categories are groupings of similar Items. The categories can be used to pair items together for packaging, ensure they are placed on similar tables, or even just as a searchable option to easily find groups of items. Common Item Categories are Entertainment, Travel, Services, Apparel, and Jewelry.

Item and Package Sections:
Item and Package Sections are used to group packages and items together for purposes of selling. The packages or items do not have to be similar, although you can create your sections to have similar items and packages within them. These sections can serve a variety of purposes, from Online Bidding to tracking sales of a particular area of your auction. Common Sections are Live, Silent, Raffle, and Admission.

Meal Types:
Meal Types are used both in the Project Website's registration page, as well as manually added or added via a spreadsheet import. These Meal Types are either added to a Supporter record, or selected by the Supporter through your Project Website. You can then print these meals out using reports such as the BID-01, or GRP-01c, either to give an account to your caterer or for your own planning.

Classes are groupings of similar packages. They are much like Item Categories, except it’s for packages. You can run reports on classes to figure out which type of similar packages sold best. Common Classes are Apparel, Services, Sports, and Children.

Payment Types:
Payment Types identify the method of payment that a Supporter is using in your Auction. Greater Giving specific Payment Types are Auctionpay Swipe, Credit Card Online, and Refund. We have also preloaded typical Payment Types such as Cash, Check, and Credit Card (Non-Greater Giving Processing). Feel free to add organization specific Payment Types.

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