Adding New Packages

Packages are an essential part of Greater Giving Online. Packages are sold to your Supporters, so in order for a successful auction to take place you need to have Packages! Packages are broken up into four basic types: Auction, Donation, Sponsorship, and Admission. To add each of these Packages in, please see the associated article below.

Auction Packages - Essential for a live or silent auction, this Package type also serves as your Multisale Package for raffles, mulligans, merchandise, and more.

Admission Packages - The tickets to your event. These are what you will use to track guests to your event, and important if using the Project Website to collect guest information before your event.

Donation Packages - Cash donations, special appeals, Fund a Need, all of these will use the Donations Package. Typically a non-tax deductible Package, we recommend having these in any event.

Sponsorship Packages - These are the Sponsorships for your event. These Packages are used to show off Sponsors of your organization, and can also have tickets associated with them.


Important Notes About Packages:

  • In all Packages, the Notes field is internal only. Your Supporters will not see these Notes.
  • In all Packages, the Descriptions/Restrictions will appear on bid sheets, Online Bidding, and table placards. They will not appear on the Project Website.
  • In all Packages, the Package Name is required. Each type of Package has further requirements depending on the type of Package:
    • Sponsorship - Sponsor Level, Admissions Included, Value, Tax Rate, and Price are required.
    • Donation - Value and Tax Rate are required.
    • Admission - Admissions Included, Value, Tax Rate, and Price are required.
  • Auction Packages have Minimum Bids, Minimum Raises, and sometimes Guaranteed Purchase Prices dictated by the software (or manually by you). See Setting up your Bid Sheets for determining those automatic calculations.

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