Numbering and Renumbering Packages

When creating a Package, it automatically gets assigned a Package Number. If you prefer, you can change the numbering to fit your own organization's system or numbering scheme. See below for more information on Numbering and Renumbering Packages.

Package Numbering is based off of:

  • Section - Each Section can have a beginning/ending Package number.
  • Order - If the Package doesn't have a Section, or there is no defined range for the Section, the Package will use the next available number.

To Renumber Packages:

From the Project Home, select View/Edit Packages under the Packages header.

  1. Change a Single Package Number -
    • Click Edit next to the Package, and change the Package Number field. If a number is in use, an error will appear.
  2. Swap two Package Numbers -
    • Make a check on the left next to the two Packages you wish to swap numbers for. Click the Swap Package Number button in the toolbar.
  3. Mass Renumber Packages -
    • Select Packages to be renumbered using the check boxes on the left. If no selections are made, it will renumber the entire grid.
    • Enter the Starting Package Number (the new number the Package will start at).
    • Enter the Package Number Increment (numbers skipped between each Package Number).
    • Optionally, check the box to Move Conflicting Package Numbers to Another Range. If not selected, conflicting Package Numbers will have an X added to the end (for example, #100X)
    • Click OK to renumber Packages.


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