Adding New Supporters

Supporters are the backbone of your Project. Every sale, every payment, every donation is done by your Supporters. Because everything is centered on your Supporters, Greater Giving Online has a wide range of tools meant for tracking as much information about your Supporters as possible. Many reports are based on the information that is entered on the Supporter record, so Greater Giving recommends making each record as complete as possible. Creating a new Supporter can be done by viewing your Supporters, clicking Add, and filling in the applicable fields. Below, we cover a step by step walk-through of Adding a Supporter through View/Edit Supporters. 

Adding a Supporter:

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Choose Supporter Type.
    • Person is for a single Supporter.
    • Household is for multiple Supporters that you wish to be grouped together (spouse, siblings, parents, grandparents).
    • Business is a Business that typically has a Supporter as a contact.
  4. Fill in the Supporter Name tab, the Salutations will automatically populate unless you break the chain to the right.sup_1.jpg
  5. Fill in the Supporter’s Postal Address tab. For Households, you can have multiple different addresses or they can share the same as the household.
  6. Fill in the Supporter’s Contact Info tab. This allows you to enter multiple Phone numbers, and specify a Primary Phone.
    • Note: If a supporter wishes to opt out of emails, this is where you note that using the checkbox.
  7. Fill in the Supporter Basics tab. There are fields for alternate ID’s (if you are using another Donor Management Software), images, and any Notes you may have.
  8. Click Save when finished, or Save and Add New to create another Supporter.


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