Adding Tables to your Letter

Greater Giving Online is capable of adding Excel tables into your Letters and Emails. This is done within the Design feature of Creating your Letter.

  1. Click within the Design area to place your cursor where you want your table.
  2. Click the Insert Table button on the far right side of the toolbar.
  3. Highlight the number of cells lengthwise and widthwise you’d like your table to be
    • Alternatively, click the Table Wizard and use the (+) and (-) symbols to add and remove cells. The Table Wizard will also allow you to determine cell height and width.
  4. Enter your information into the table.
    • Alternatively, Copy and Paste text.
  5. Click Refresh Preview below to preview your table.

Removing Grid lines from Table:

If you would like to remove the grid lines from your tables, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit next to the letter you wish to change.
  2. Click Design at the bottom of the letter to ensure you are on the Design tab.
  3. Right click the table.
  4. Click Cell Properties.
  5. You are now in the Table Wizard. On the left you can see a Preview of your Cells. Click Select All at the bottom to select all your cells.
  6. Click the Style Builder
  7. Click the Border
  8. Under Border Color, check the box for Same for All. You can then use the Color Menu to choose white (or whichever color you prefer!).
  9. Click OK to exit the Style Builder.
  10. Click OK to exit the Table Wizard.

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