Importing Online Registrations and Purchases

Importing Online Registrations and Purchases is a necessary step in making sure your Project data is accurate as possible. It also streamlines the data entry process by taking some of the weight off your shoulders, and letting the system do the work. Accessed from the Project Home, all errors (stop signs) must be corrected before we can proceed. This process takes place by clicking Switch Supporter, and either matching data with an existing Supporter or creating a new one. Below, we will cover a step by step walkthrough of the process.

  1. From the Project Home, select Import Online Registrations and Purchases under the Project Website header.
  2. The system will display purchases in the order they were originally made. The top area has no clickables, and just informs of what was purchased, or if a card was placed on file.
  3. The Purchaser area has the information entered by the purchaser into the Project Website. If the system does not automatically match it, click Switch Supporter.
    • Here you can either Create a New Person or Pick a Supporter.
    • If a company name was entered, you will also have an option for Create New Business, with Person as Contact.
  4. The Admission Package’s Area is where the Supporter entered information as to who will be using the ticket(s). If the system does not automatically match it, click Switch Supporter.
    • Create New Person – If you need to create a new Supporter using the provided data.
    • This attendee is the same person as the Purchaser – If the Supporter data on the left matches the purchaser record.
    • Pick a Supporter – If the Supporter exists, but was entered with slightly different information (i.e. entered as Jon, but in the database as Jonathan).
  5. If applicable, place the newly created person in a household by using the drop down menu to the right.
  6. Once finished click Import Online Purchase to finalize the import. You can also click Skip this Online Purchase for Now to go to the next purchase, Delete Online Purchase to remove it completely, or Done for Now to return to the Project Home.
    • Note: Deleting an Online Purchase does NOT prevent the Supporter’s card from being charged. This charge occurs as soon as the Supporter clicks Submit on the Project Website.

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