Managing Households

Households are a Supporter Type designed to add flexibility to the already present Individual Supporter. Multiple Supporters can be in a Household (notably Primary and Spouse) although you can have multiple different relationships as well including Siblings, Grandparents, Children, even Friends! Creating a Household can be beneficial to Supporters and your organization, because it makes tracking sales, payments, and even credit cards on file much more simplistic. Below we will cover Creating a Household, Merging Individuals into a Household, and Removing Members from a Household.

Creating a New Household:

Creating a New Household is much like Adding a New Supporter. It can be done by viewing your Supporters, clicking Add, choosing the Household Supporter Type, and filling in the available fields.

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Choose the Supporter Type of Household.
  4. Fill in the Supporter name fields for the Primary Member and Spouse (default, you can change the type under the Household Members tab).
  5. Greater Giving Online will automatically determine the Salutations below, you can click   to break the chain and manually enter Salutations.
  6. Click the Household Members tab.
  7. Add any additional Supporters beyond the first two here, or change the relationship of the Supporters in the household by using the drop down.
    • You can Add Existing Supporter as a Member, or Add New Supporter as a Member. If Adding an existing Supporter, make sure to hit Insert after selecting the Supporter. If Creating a new Supporter, there will be an additional name field under the Supporter Name Tab.mng_hh_1.jpg
  8. Fill in the Household’s Postal Address tab. You can have multiple different addresses, or members can share the Household Address.
  9. Fill in the Household’s Contact Info tab. This allows you to enter multiple Phone numbers, and specify a Primary Phone.
    • Note: If a Supporter wishes to opt out of emails, this is where you note that using the checkbox.
  10. Fill in the Supporter Basics tab. There are fields for alternate ID’s (if you are using another Donor Management Software), images, and any Notes you may have for each Household Member.
  11. Click Save when finished, or Save and Add New to create another Supporter.

Merging Supporters into a Household

If you have already created two individual Supporter records you can join them into a Household record for easier tracking of their sales, payments, and so that they can share a single credit card on file. This can be done by viewing your Supporters, selecting the two Supporters to be joined, and clicking the Join in Household button in the toolbar.

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Locate the two Supporters to be joined (either manually or by using the Search bar), make your selection using the check boxes to the left.
    • Note at this time, only two Supporters can be selected for this task. To add additional Supporters to the hosuehold, follow the steps above for adding additional members to hosueholds.
  3. Click the Join in Household button.mng_hh_2.jpg
  4. Make any necessary edits under the Household Members, Supporter Name, Postal Address, Contact Info, and Supporter Basics tabs.
  5. Click Save when finished, or Save and Add New to create another Supporter record.

Removing Members from a Household

Using Greater Giving Online, you can also remove members from a Household if necessary. This can be done by viewing your Supporters, clicking Edit, selecting the Household Members tab and selecting Remove as Household Member. Below, we will cover a step by step walkthrough of Removing Members from a Household. 

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Find the Household by using the Search bar.
  3. Click Edit next to the Household.
  4. Select the Household Members tab.
  5. Click Remove as Household Member for the Supporter you want to remove.mng_hh_3.jpg
  6. Select the radial for how you want to handle the change of the Household Membership.
    • Archive old household and create new household.
      Choose this option if there has been a change in household membership, such as marriage or divorce.
    • Modify this supporter.
      Choose this option in the case of a mistake in household membership.
  7. Click Save to finalize removing the Household Member.


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