Tips and Tricks for Letters and Emails

Here are some tips on making the most of the Letters and Emails function. The majority of our tips involve having clean data, which will have the best results when mailing and emailing your Supporters.


  1. Ensure all names are appropriately spelled, and check the capitalization of names & addresses.
  2. Include any addresses or emails that are not included
  3. To add emails, go to SupportersAdvanced Search – make check for Email is Blank – click Search.
    • To add addresses, go to SupportersAdvanced Search – click twice in Has Address (should have a red X) – click Search.
    • Add couples and families to Households: make check mark next to two individuals and click Join in Household.
  4. Merge duplicates together: make a check mark next to the duplicate records and click Merge.
    • Alternatively, use the Merge Duplicates link under the Supporter

Balance Sales and Payments:

  1. Run the BID-03 report, ensure the information is correct.
  2. Collect Payments, Manage Charge Batches.
  3. Make any refunds if necessary.
  4. Assign Sales to Payments: Click the Assign Sales to Payments link under the Sales header

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