Using Advanced Search

Often, the quickest way to find information from one of our grid lists is to use the Advanced Search feature. An Advanced Search on Supporters, for example, can allow you to restrict the grid to show only persons, households, or businesses. You can likewise restrict your grid to search for specific roles, and within each role narrow it further.

How to use Advanced Search:

  1. In the View menu, click the grid you would like to view (Example: View/Edit Supporters).
  2. On the grid page, click Show Advanced Search in the top right corner of the search bar.
  3. Choose the values by which you would like to search.

Advanced Search Options:

Because there are a number of options for each View screen, we have broken down each screen separately from each other. Please see the links below for a full breakdown on each View screen’s Advanced Search.

Advanced Search in View/Edit Items.

Advanced Search in View/Edit Supporters.

Advanced Search in View/Edit Sales.

Advanced Search in View/Edit Packages.

Advanced Search in View/Edit Payments.


Saved Searches:

Saved Searches are a function of the Advanced Search. Essentially, they allow for quick, pre-saved Advanced Searches so you can quickly access your data. Provided for you are Global Searches, or common searches that many organizations request. You can also make your own Custom Searches, so you can set up a search that your entire organization can make use of even with rotating staff.

To Save a Search:

  1. Set up your Advanced Search in the appropriate View screen (Example: View/Edit Supporters).
  2. Click the Save Search button.SaveSearch.jpg
  3. Enter a Name for your search.
  4. Check the Share Search box to share the search with other members of your organization.SaveSearch2.jpg
  5. Click the Save button.

See Global Saved Searches for more information on pre-loaded Saved Searches.





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