Advanced Editing of Project Website

In addition to the standard Edit Page Settings options for customizing your Project Website, there are some Advanced Editing tools within the Page itself that you can do. These Advanced Editing tools are not recommended for beginners to Greater Giving Online. This is primarily because once you have made Advanced Edits; changes could be overwritten if you use the Edit Page Settings again.

Advanced Editing Basics:

  • Editing is done using Online Payments, not Greater Giving Online.
  • Edits made in Online Payments are not reflected in Edit Page Settings.
    • Therefore, if Edits are made in Online Payments and Edit Page Settings in Greater Giving Online is saved, those Online Payments changes can be overwritten.
  • Editing in the Page is live. As soon as you click Update or Save, the Page is immediately altered.

Tip #1 to Avoid Overwrites: Create Admission Packages in Greater Giving Online and add them via Edit Page Settings. Packages added in the Advanced Editing are not immediately recognized by Greater Giving Online when you Import Online Registrations. We recommend creating all of your Admission Packages in Greater Giving Online prior to making Advanced Edits.

Tip #2 to Avoid Overwrites: Avoid making changes in the Edit Page Settings and Advanced Editing at the same time. Ideally, Advanced Editing should only be done after you have completed everything in Edit Page Settings.


How to Access Advanced Editing:

To access the Advanced Editing, follow the steps below.

  1. From the Project Home, click Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
  2. Scroll down, and click View/Edit Page on Website for the page you wish to make Advanced Edits on.
  3. Click Edit in Page.


See our article on Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced Edits for some of our most common Advanced Editing topics.

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