Creating a Generic Page

A Generic page is just as it sounds. A page without any exact role, but able to fill many roles depending on the information you enter in. It is simplistic by nature, with only a few areas to fill in information. The most common uses for a generic page range from directions to a venue (complete with maps!), details about the event proper (Dress code? History of event?), or any other information you need to have given to your Supporters! Creating a Generic page is as simple as going through your Manage Project Website, using the drop down menu to select Generic Page, and clicking Add. From there you can fill in the page with whatever information you would like. A brief walkthrough can be found below.

  1. From the Project Home, select Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
  2. Using the drop down titled Add a Page, and select a Generic page.
  3. Click the Add button.

Generic Page Options:

  1. Fill in your Main HTML text. This will take up the majority of the screen. You can adjust size and color of the font, Insert Images, Hyperlink, or if you are a web-savvy developer use the HTML pane to custom write your HTML coding.
  2. Fill in the Sidebar HTML text. This will be either on the left or right, depending on what kind of Page Layout you have set up for the page. Note that the Sidebar HTML text box has the same capabilities as the Main HTML.
    • Note: The sidebar HTML text by default applies to all of your pages. This is a great area for having text that you want to be seen on every page, like contact information or a link back to your home page.
  3. Click Save to save your work and be taken back to Manage Project Website.

Additional Options:

In addition to the above, there are multiple additional options for the website that can be enabled. See below for more information on those.


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