Creating Registration Pages

A Registration page controls tickets and sponsorships, cash donations, and purchase of other multiple sale packages. When a Supporter makes a purchase on your page you can control how much (or little!) information is gathered from the Supporter, set up confirmation emails, create discount codes, and even collect pure cash donations. Below, we cover three major facets of a Registration page.

Note: We recommend having your Packages (Admission, Sponsorship, and Donation) created prior to adding your Registration Page.


  1. From the Project Home, select Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
  2. Using the drop down titled Add a Page, select a Registration, Sales and Cash Donation page.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Add in a Page name, and determine the Page Visibility.

Add Ticket(s) and Guest Information:

  1. In the Admissions and Sponsorship Packages area, check the Publish box next to each ticket that you would like available on the site. 
    • Note: You can change the order of tickets by dragging and dropping them in the list.Registration_Page_Package_Selection.jpg
  2. Select which Meals you wish to offer for each ticket. If nothing appears here, set up your emails by Customizing your Picklists!
  3. Select which information you wish to collect for the ticket attendees.
    • Mandatory requires the field to be populated before the purchaser can continue.
    • Optional lets the purchaser skip that field. Note: The Purchaser is always required to enter all of this information.
    • Hidden removes the selection from the webpage.

Confirmation Emails:

  1. Check the box for Customize Receipt Emails.
    • Confirmation Header is text that appears above the main body of the receipt. Note the data tags that can be used.
    • Confirmation Footer is text that appears below the body of the receipt. Note the data tags that can be used.
    • Confirmation Contact Email/Name/Phone should be your primary Event Director.
    • Subject allows you to customize the subject of the emailed receipt.
    • Org Receiving Emails is a semi-colon separated list of additional email address you wish to receive a copy of the receipt.Registration_Page_Confirmation_Emails.jpg

Cash Donations:
Cash Donations are a great addition to a Project Website Page. Perfect for non-attending guests, or just those that want to make an even greater impact on your organization, they will be automatically enabled for all Registration, Sales, and Cash Donation Pages created within the Project Website.

Tip: We recommend using the Cash Donation specific area, as opposed to the Package Sales area for Cash Donations.

  1. Donation Headline - This will act as a header for the Cash Donation area and defaults to "I would like to make a donation".
  2. Donations Label - This goes right next to the field where guests enter their donation, and defaults to "Donation Amount".
  3. Package - The system will use a pre-generated Donation Package. If no such Package exists, the system will create one for you.
    • Click the Pencil icon to create a new Donation Package.



Additional Options:

In addition to the above, there are multiple additional options for the website that can be enabled. See below for more information on those:

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