Import Online Item Donations

Importing Online Item Donations allows you to take information provided by your Supporters, and place it directly into the system in the form of Items. Making use of Online Item Donations can reduce the amount of data entry you have to complete prior to your event, and speed up the process of documenting all the Items you have procured for your auction event! You can Import Online Item Donations by clicking the link under the Project Website header, matching the Supporter, and clicking Import! We will also cover a step by step walk-through below.

  1. From the Project Home, select Import Online Item Donations under the Project Website header.
  2. The system will display donations in the order that they were originally made. If the system has matched the Supporter name to one in your database, it will show that Supporter. If it does not match, click Switch Supporter.
  3. If applicable, set an Affiliate Type, Donor Type, and Soliciting Staff Member using the drop down menus, as well as any Donor Notes.imp_onl_itm_1.jpg
    • You can also mark for Anonymous, or Do Not Solicit.
  4. Fill out Item Number (leave blank to assign next available).
  5. Use the drop down menus to assign Item Type, Category, Section, and Procurement Status.
    • If entering a procurement status, another Date Box will appear informing when the Status was last updated. It will update with each successive Status change.
  6. Fill in Tax Rate if applicable.
  7. If applicable, add in Certificate Type and Location using the drop down menu.
  8. Edit the Description and Restriction if necessary.
  9. Add an Item Image if you have one, if not the Image can always be added later.
  10. Once finished click Import this item Donation to finalize the import. You can also click Skip this Donation for Now to go to the next donation, Delete This Donation to remove it completely, or Done for Now to return to the Project Home.


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