Getting Started: Ordering Equipment

When you are having a physical event, Greater Giving can rent card reading equipment to your Organization for the purposes of securely swiping and processing Supporter’s credit cards. Please note that Greater Giving does require some advance notice in order to ensure you get the correct amount and type of equipment prior to your event. There are two primary methods for ordering equipment, read below to find out more!

Note: If you are unsure what type of equipment you may need, read our article on What is AuctionPay?

Method 1: Create a New Project
When you create a Project in the Greater Giving Online software, one of the steps is to “Schedule Your Event”. This is an online form that provides Greater Giving with all the necessary information we need about your event. If you do not require card reading equipment or the ability to manually type in credit cards in your project, this step can be skipped.

Method 2: Schedule Your Event
If you are not using Greater Giving Online, or are not yet ready to make a Project, you can always use our Schedule Your Event link. This link is located on our Greater Giving website, or by accessing and filling out the online form. This can be used in place of Create a New Project, but both should not be done.

Confirming Your Order:
Once Greater Giving has received your order, we will notify you via email. About 2-3 weeks prior to your event, we will contact you to confirm your event details so that the right equipment gets sent to the right place on the right date.


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