Getting Started: Connectivity and Venue Requirements

If using Greater Giving’s Go Time functionality the night of your event, you will need an active internet connection. The reason behind this is two-fold. Firstly, your Supporter database is stored on your Greater Giving Online cloud, and must be accessed. Secondly, having an active internet connection will allow credit cards you swipe to be encrypted and stored on our secure online server.

That being said, there are a few requirements for venues before you have your event. Determine what type of event you are going to have below and look at the associated Connectivity Guide for that event (if any).

Event 1: AuctionPay Terminal Event
This type of event is also referred to as an “offline” event. This is because if you are only using our AuctionPay Terminals, which can swipe and store credit card information without needing access to the internet. Please note that you will need a wired internet connection to batch the charges to the bank.

Connectivity Guide: None

Event 2: Greater Giving Online with Go Time
This is a standard event using Greater Giving Online and either our USB or Mobile card readers. This event typically has a traditional registration table, where you will greet Supporters, give them any necessary documents, and swipe their credit card. If using USB, the computers can be hardwired, however for the Mobile card readers, you must use Wi-Fi.

Connectivity Guide: Greater Giving Go Time Connectivity Guide

Event 3: Greater Giving Online with Online Bidding
This event is similar to Event 2, but is expanded upon by including Online Bidding at your event. Because of the blended connection most Supporters will have (using both data and Wifi) the requirements are actually not that stringent. However, they are generally more intense than a pure Go Time only event.

Connectivity Guide: Greater Giving Online Bidding Connectivity Self-Assessment

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