Getting Started: Importing Registrations and Purchases

Importing Online Purchases will be an area of your Project that is important to ensure your data is clean and accurate. You may be tempted to try and “speed” through the import process, but often this does not benefit your Organization in the long run. To make sure you have the best imported data possible, read below for some tips on Importing Registrations.

Importing Registrations:

The basic process of importing your online purchases and registrations can be found in our Importing Online Registrations and Purchases article. This will provide a step by step walkthrough as well as hit on our best practices.


  • Do not import Test Transactions. While the card is not charged in a test transaction, it displays in the software as if it were a true transaction.
  • Deleting a transaction does not prevent the credit card from being charged. The card is charged as soon as the card holder verifies the information. If you need to void/refund a transaction, see our Refunds
  • When Picking Supporters to match the transaction to, ensure you are choosing the correct Supporter by confirming the information on the left matches what is on the right.



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