Importing Supporters

Greater Giving Online has the tools necessary for importing your previous spreadsheets into the software. If you have spreadsheets of contributors to your organization that you would like in the Greater Giving Online software, we have developed a process of uploading that spreadsheet, mapping the fields to the Greater Giving Online fields, and importing all that data for your use within the software. 

This tool can be incredibly useful, especially if you are new to Greater Giving Online (and therefore don’t already have a robust online database) or if you have spent time outside of using Greater Giving Online tracking Supporter contact data. Below, we cover some best practices as well as provide a few templates to assist with importing your Supporters.

Best Practices:

In order to do the import, the file you are importing must be a .xls, .xlsx, or .csv format and have column headers that support mapping (spreadsheets without column headers will use the first row as a header line).

We recommend importing business’ separately from your individuals and households. Greater Giving Online defaults to all records being imported as individuals. Typically if you want to import a household, we recommend placing them on one row, and separating the first names via an “&” or “and” (alternatively, separating both full names if different last names). Example: John & Jane Smith would create a household with two individuals, John Smith and Jane Smith.

When importing businesses, it is important to have the column “Is Business” to denote a business record.

Greater Giving also recommends use of our Import Templates. These templates are set up with correct header columns, and are extremely useful.

Supporter Import Field List: This is a list of all Import Fields that Greater Giving Online has, useful for if you are creating your own excel file and want to match Greater Giving columns.

Import with Meals and Admissions: This template is built to import your individual Supporters with admissions tied to their name. Required fields are Admission Package Name, Admission Sale Quantity, Admissions Allocated, and Admission Purchaser Name.

Supporter Import Example: This template is recommended for a standard import of Supporters. Greater Giving generally recommends using a Supporter’s Full Name OR First and Last Names for the import.

Basic Process of Importing:

  1. From the Project Home, click View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Click Import in the toolbar above the Supporter’s grid.
  3. Click Choose File to select your spreadsheet file from your computer.
    • Greater Giving recommends starting with Default Mapping (especially if you used a template) and not marking any Roles.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose your field mapping. The left hand side is the fields found on the Import file. The right hand side is fields available in Greater Giving Online.
    • If you used default mapping, many fields should be marked with a green checkmark. These are fields the system detected and automatically mapped.
    • Use the drop down menus on the right hand side to choose which of your fields will be mapped to Greater Giving fields.
  6. Once all left hand fields have been mapped (marked with a green checkmark) click Next in the bottom right of the screen.imp_sup_1.jpg
  7. The system will ask if you want to Save your field mappings.
    • This is useful if you do frequent imports and want to save the mappings for later use.
  8. Click Next.
  9. The system will then show you a summary of supporters to be imported. This summary will include Supporter Name, Supporter Type, and an Import Status.
    • Double check the Supporter Type when importing your Supporters.
    • The Import Status will let you know if a record will be successfully imported, merged, or if there is an error. This is a critical column to examine.
  10. At this point, you can fix any errors that are present, or make a check next to Skip Rows With Errors to import only Successful rows.
  11. Click Next to import.
  12. Finally, a Summary Report will appear that can be exported back into Excel. Click Finish to go back to View/Edit Supporters.


System Recognizing Duplicates:

If you are importing multiple records that are currently in your system already, the database will attempt to merge those records. There are a couple of rules the system uses to check for these duplicates and merge them with existing records. Below, we cover the rules that exist for merging those duplicate records.

Rule #1: Greater Giving Online will only match Supporters of the same type; Business to Business, Person to Person, etc.

Rule #2: The system will check for Alternate IDs. Alternate IDs will immediately pair up for merging regardless of names or other factors. The Supporter Type rule will still apply.

Rule #3: If Alternate IDs are not used, the system instead will search on First and Last name and Email or Postal Address. The system will determine if names match, and if they do determine if there is a match with either the email or postal address.

  • If using email, the email fields must not be empty.
  • If using Postal Address, Address 1, City, and State must not be empty and match. Address 2, Postal Code, and Country can be empty but cannot conflict.

Rule #4: Assuming the above parameters have been met, Greater Giving Online will merge the existing record in the system and the duplicate record in your document. If the existing record has data that is different from the import record, the system will assume the import record is correct.


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