Getting Started: Importing Spreadsheets

Because Greater Giving Online is a series of databases connected together, it is possible to Import certain data from an outside source (typically Excel) into the software. This can be extremely useful if you use another form of donor management, or contact information tracking. Below, we cover what can be imported into Greater Giving and where to find out more about each area.

  • Import file must be a .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX in order to be imported.
  • Consider the size of your import file. If the import takes longer than 5 minutes to import, it will fail. Break your spreadsheet into smaller sheets if this happens.
  • Any blank rows will automatically cause the import to fail.


Items (but not Packages) can be imported into Greater Giving from the Item Grid screen. If you have been previously tracking Item Procurement in a shared document or excel file, it can be easily imported into your database to save you from having to manually enter everything.

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Sales (but not Payments) can be imported into Greater Giving from the Sales Grid screen. If you have kept track of sales either pre-event or during your event using an excel sheet, this would be an excellent option for quickly entering a large (or small!) number of Sales into your database.

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Likely the most common of our imports is Supporters. When using an alternative donor management system or contact information tracker, importing Supporters is a quick way to update large portions of your database all at once. Because there is a merge duplicates built into the Supporter import, you also don’t have to worry about inflating your Supporters with identical records.

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