Getting Started: Adding and Managing Users

Users in the Greater Giving Online software are typically members of your Organization, but they can also be volunteers or other event professionals. It is important to allow your staff and volunteers the access they need to the software in order to complete their tasks. See below for some tips and suggested articles on handling users.


  • After completion of your Greater Giving order, certain contacts within your Organization (namely the Financial Primary and Event Software Admin we have on file) will be sent an Activation Email with your first Organization Administrator login. This login can be used to Create, Delete, or Edit Users.
  • Not all of your Users will need full Administrator access. See our article on User Permissions to determine which permissions your users will need.

While Greater Giving does not recommend making all of your Users Administrators, we do recommend having more than one Organization Administrator. This is a precaution against having only one User that can Create Projects, Create New Users, or Edit Permissions and that User not being available when you need them.



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