Getting Started: Packaging Items

As you receive Items from your Donors during your procurement, you will need to package them in order to sell them to your Supporters at your event. Packaging Items does not have to be a super strenuous part of your auction however. In fact, Greater Giving has included a few very helpful tools for quickly and efficiently packaging your Items. Read below for a few tips and suggested articles on Packaging Items.


  • There are two different methods for Packaging Items. See our article on Packaging Items to determine which method will work best for you and your Organization.
  • Data you enter into Items will be passed through into Packages. Therefore, Greater Giving recommends cleaning your Item Descriptions, Restrictions, etc. before turning them into Packages. See our article on Editing Items for more information on what you can change within an Item.
  • If you decide to alter what Package an Item is in, you must remove the Item from the Package first. See our article on Removing Items from Packages for more information.




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