Getting Started: Tables and Groups

Tables and Groups are a powerful portion of Greater Giving Online, and as such it is important to make sure they are as clear as possible to avoid potential inefficiencies. There are a variety of tips and tricks Greater Giving recommends to make sure your Tables and Groups stay clean, therefore allowing for the most accurate data in your software.

Creating Tables and Groups:

Before we can truly organize our Tables and Groups, we have to first make sure they are created! See our article on Tables and Groups to learn more about how to create them.


  • A Supporter can only be a part of one group or table, unless they have duplicate admissions allocated to them.
  • Always Spell Check your Groups! A single letter difference will create a new Group.
  • Unassigned Bidders can appear in your Assign Attendees to Tables screen when an Admission that has not been allocated (or was allocated at the time but since removed) has been assigned to a group, and then to a table. The only way to correct this is to recreate the Table and remove the original.
  • Using the Clear button will Clear all Assigned Bidders from the Table they are currently assigned to, not just the Bidders/Group you have selected.


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