Getting Started: Charging Credit Cards

After you have reconciled your sales, added in any check or cash payments, and ensured all cards to be charged are correct; you are ready to charge your cards. Greater Giving also refers to this as a batch charge. Batch charges are intended to be simple, streamlined, and quick. In its simplest form, the batch takes the credit cards you have swiped for your Supporters, and charges them whatever their remaining balance is. Read below for a few tips on Charging Credit Cards.

Charge Credit Cards:

First, take a look at the two different methods Greater Giving Online has available for charging credit cards. Manage Charge Batch is the recommended method, as it allows you to charge all of your cards at once. The secondary method, Process Additional Cards is to charge cards on an individual basis.


  • Take a look at our Post Event Audit article, this will define some best practices with how to audit all of your data prior to charging cards.
  • If a Supporter has an active credit card on file and a balance due, they will be charged in the batch. See our article on Edit or Charge Credit Card to remove a card from the batch process.

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