Getting Started: Dealing with Declines

After an event, it is not unheard of for a credit card to decline. The exact reasoning could be one of many options, but Greater Giving Online does have a few options for handling these declines. Read below for tips related to handling declines.

Decline Wizard:

Greater Giving Online has a Decline Wizard which can identify which card was declined, and the card holder it belongs to. You can use this Decline Wizard to attempt to recharge the credit card, or reach out to the Supporter. Read more on our Process Decline Wizard article.


  • Sometimes, it’s necessary to add an additional card to a Supporter after a decline. See our article on Process Additional Cards for more information.
  • If a card has been declined twice in the Greater Giving Online software, it is recommended that a different card be used. More than 2 declines and the card is no longer usable according to the software.




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