Getting Started: Returning Equipment

After your event is finalized, Greater Giving asks that you return the rented equipment. For your convenience, we include a pre-paid shipping label with all equipment orders. This means all you have to do is take the pre-paid shipping label, place it over the previous shipping label and drop it off at any UPS location! Greater Giving asks that you return equipment four (4) business days after your event.


When using our Terminal Equipment, look inside the large, white Greater Giving envelope that reads Greater Giving Auctionpay Terminals. The Shipping Label will be stapled to the Packing Slip within that envelope.

USB or Mobile Card Readers:

Whether you are using a mix of the two, or one or the other, Greater Giving will still send a Shipping Label to you in this box. Check the white folder that reads Greater Giving Go Time Materials. The Packing Slip will be folded in half and the Shipping Label will be placed inside that.

Lost the Label:

If you have ever found yourself without a Return Shipping Label, you can reach out to us via the Return Shipping Label form, emailing us at or talk with us in our Support Chat. We can get another label sent of you at no charge.

Failure to Return:

Failure to return equipment can often lead to late fees, or additional shipping fees that are applied to your account. If equipment is lost or damaged entirely, Greater Giving will bill for the cost of the equipment.

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