Getting Started: Understanding Our Products

Greater Giving has a variety of products available to assist you in successful fundraising. Sometimes, it can be very confusing exactly what you and your Organization have access to. As a quick reference, you can always check your Organization Home in the Greater Giving Online software (if you have access to it). Any products you have will be marked with a green checkmark, and products that you do not have or that have lapsed are shown with a red X. If any of the below products seems to interest you, you can also view our article on Adding Additional Products for more information!



The Greater Giving Online software. This is where Items, Packages, Supporters, Sales and Payments are all located. Nearly every product that follows is predicated on having Events, however there are a few notable standalone products.

Join Me:

Greater Giving’s solution for Peer-to-Peer fundraising. This can be integrated directly into your standard Greater Giving Online software, or used as a standalone version. This software allows Supporters to sign up for a fundraising project, and from there have their own friends and family pledge to support them.

Online Payments:

Online Payments is specifically for Online Credit Card processing, as well as hosting of a Project Website when you have the Greater Giving Online software. This type of processing allows Supporters to purchase tickets, merchandise, or make donations Online at their own convenience. It also allows saving of credit card information for use at a physical event, bypassing the standard swipe during registration.

Online Bidding:

This is Greater Giving’s solution for conducting a portion of your event Online. Rather than using paper bid sheets, your Supporters would use their personal devices (such as a cell phone or tablet) to place bids on packages listed on your Online Bidding site. This would also allow people not present at the event to bid if you should wish that. Integrates directly into Greater Giving Online.






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