Getting Started: Creating a Project

A Greater Giving Online Project is the basis for each event that your Organization holds using the software. Each Project can have its own settings, its own theme, and its own date, but they will all share the same Supporter database (so that you don’t have to reenter information for each event). A Project will have records for your Items, Donors, Sales, Payments, and of course a powerful reporting tool to generate lists of information about each one of those areas.

Creating a Project is a vital step in using greater Giving Online to help manage your event. Before you can enter procured items, allocate admissions, or build a Project Website, you will need a Project created first. Continue reading below for a few tips and suggested articles for Creating a Project.


  • If your Organization is new to Greater Giving, you will want to look at our Create a Project Article to create a new Project from scratch.
  • If you are new to Greater Giving but your Organization has used us before, you could also look at Copying a Past Project to learn more about how to make a Project in the same fashion as a previous Project.
  • If there are multiple people working in a Project, make sure they have the correct permissions for that Project. Check out our article on Managing Users for more information on assigning the correct permissions.

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