Creating a Fundraiser Project

If you have a fundraiser that you would like to raise funds in a Peer to Peer style, then a Fundraiser Project is what you need! The primary difference between a Fundraiser and an Auction or Golf Template is the Packages, Items, and Roles for your Supporters. A Fundraiser does not have Items, nor does it have Auction or Admission Packages. Likewise, the Bidder and Donor roles have been replaced. You can find a list of new terms here. Creating a Fundraiser Project is much like creating a New Project, and can be done through your Organization Home. Below, we have a step by step walk-through for the creation of a new Fundraiser Project.

  1. On the Organization Home, click Create New Project.
    • To get to your Organization Home from your Project Home, hover over the Project button in the top left corner and select Organization Home.
  2. Choose a Project Name.
  3. Set a Project Date
  4. Click Next.
  5. Under Use a template, use the drop down menu to select the Fundraiser
    • This template is only available if you have Join Me on your account already. To find out more about adding Join Me to your account, check here.
  6. Select a Time Zone, and click Next. This will create your Fundraiser and take you to your new Project Home!


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