Getting Started: Allocating Admissions

Allocating Admissions are an important part of managing your event properly, especially a physical event where guests will arrive to be checked in using our Go Time feature. A Supporter can buy a ticket, but Allocating that ticket indicates in the software who will be physically using that ticket. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure that your allocations are correct so that you have the guest’s name and information during Check In. Below, we cover some information regarding Allocating Admissions as well as a few tips to ensure your allocations are clean as possible.

Allocate Admissions:

Of course, the first thing we should look it is actually allocating your Admissions. Read our article on Allocating Admissions and Meals for more information on the actual process.


  • Keep an eye on your Project Summary on your Project Home. This will give you a quick, at a glance look of your Admissions Purchased versus Admissions Allocated.
  • If your numbers start to differ, print a BID-15 or BID-19 report to compare the differences. You can find more information on those reports by looking at our Common Supporter Reports
  • Only Person Supporters can be allocated an admission. Households and Businesses cannot be allocated an admission.



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