Getting Started: Assigning Bid Numbers

If your event has an auction portion to it, bid numbers will become an essential part of the event. To facilitate this, Greater Giving has provided the ability to Assign Bid Numbers either in mass or on an individual basis. Continue reading below to see some suggested articles and tips on Assigning Bidder Numbers.

Assigning Bidder Numbers:

Bidder Numbers can be assigned automatically using a Bid Number Generator under View/Edit Supporters, or can be assigned manually by Editing a Supporter record. Which option you decide to do should be determined by you and your Organization. For more information, see our article on Assigning Bidder Numbers.


  • A Supporter record can only have one bid number at any time.
  • Households can share bidder numbers, or have them individually assigned.
  • Sales can be added to Bidder Numbers the night of the event.


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