Sales Import Fields

Below is a listing of fields available to you on a Sales Import. Please note the Always Required column, as well as the Required if Field is Mapped, as these two columns can cause issues if not present on your import.

Column Name Type Maximum Character Limit Always Required Required If Field Is Mapped Notes/Restrictions
SupporterId Numeric 127     Values must be unique in file and in existing database
Bidder Name Alpha Numeric 127   Yes  
Bid # Numeric 127      
Pkg # Alpha Numeric 127 Yes   Can be number + one optional trailing alpha character. Example: 20 or 20A.
Project Segment Alpha Numeric 127   Yes  
Price Money 15 characters + decimal Yes   Can be imported w/ or w/o dollar sign
Quantity Numeric       Cannot have a decimal. Cannot be imported with dollar sign.
Operator Alpha Numeric 12      
Thanked Purchaser Yes/No N/A   Yes Can be imported as Yes or No, 1 or 0, True or False
Date Date N/A     Recommended Format:  MM/dd/yyyy (01/02/2016)
Primary Soliciting Staff Alpha Numeric 127      
Secondary Soliciting Staff Alpha Numeric 127      
Notes Alpha Numeric Unlimited      
Alternate Id Alpha Numeric 255      

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