Getting Started: Sales & Payment Terminology

Sales and Payments are another integral piece to your Greater Giving Online software. Both will be used to track how much money has been promised, and received, by your Organization. Both of these records are applied to a specific Supporter unless Anonymous Sales and Payments are being used. While Sales indicate money owed by your Supporter, Payments indicate money received from that Supporter.

Sales are added to a Supporter record when they buy a ticket, sponsor your event, purchase an auction package, or even just give you a monetary donation. Sales can be added automatically in some cases (Online Bidding, Project Website) or manually (Go Time, Add Sale, Store Front). Like Items, Sales can be solicited from Supporters. Because of the nature of Sales, there are fields for Quantity, Price, Thanked Purchaser, and Date. This allows you to track exactly what was purchased, for how much, and when.

Related Supporter: Bidder, Staff

Payments are added to a Supporter record when your Organization receives an equivalent amount of money towards a Sale. Payments can be added automatically in some cases (charging a Supporter’s credit card, Project Website) or manually (only for Checks, Cash, or Non-Greater Giving Processing). Because of the nature of Payments, there are fields for Payment Type, Payment Amount, Date, and Associated Sales (what Sale this Payment is in reference to). Please note that for automatic Payments, some of these fields are disabled.

Related Supporter: Bidder

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