Getting Started: Training Your Volunteers

To make the most out of your event night, it is important that your volunteers be ready and comfortable in the software. As they will be the interface between your Supporters and your software, we do have some recommendations to ensure that your event night registration is smooth.

Training Videos:

Our training video for Go Time is a vital tool when running through the basics of Check In, Check Out, and Storefront. While we have a few options available, typically we recommend the feature focus videos.

Cheat Sheets:

Greater Giving has created a few Cheat Sheets for using Go Time. They are excellent, condensed versions of the training videos that can be used as a quick reference the night of the event. We highly recommend each volunteer have these Cheat Sheets available the night of your event.


When actually training your volunteers, try to cover a variety of scenarios that will come up during Check In. Some examples:

  • Check In a single guest. With and without Admissions Allocated.
  • Check in a Household. With and without Admissions Allocated.
  • Check In a single guest not in your database (Add new Supporter).
  • Check In a Household not in your database (Add new Household).

Finally, make sure after you train your volunteers to have a “refresher” before the event. Even a quick overview (or rewatching a feature focus video) can improve your night of event significantly.

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