Getting Started: Configuring Sections and Classes

Classes and Sections are most important when using Greater Giving’s Online Bidding, however we still highly recommend using these settings in any Project that you may have going. Not only for organization and reporting purposes, but also because configuring these settings is the first step in configuring your Project to better conform to your Organization. Read below to see our recommendations when configuring these settings.

Customize Your Picklists:

Customizing Picklists is what Greater Giving refers to when altering drop down menus for certain fields. Take a look at our article on Customizing Picklists to get a basic understanding of how to alter these fields.


Sections are groupings of Items and Packages within your event. There can be as many or as few as you’d like. At minimum, Greater Giving recommends having a Silent section and a Live section.

If using our Online Bidding functionality, Sections will determine what shows up on the Online Bidding page. Check out our article on Configuring Package Sections to learn how to set that up.


Unlike Sections, Classes are designed to group similar Packages together based on their qualities, not necessarily where they are being sold. To this end, when naming your Class they should describe the Packages to a certain extent.

If using our Online Bidding functionality, Classes determine how Packages are sorted on your Online Bidding page. Packages can also be searched based on their Class. Check out our article on Configuring Package Classes for more information on setting that up.




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