Set Up Online Bidding

Setting Up Online Bidding is now a simple, straightforward process for members of your Organization! As long as your Organization has the Online Bidding product, whenever you create a new Project you should see the setup link for your Online Bidding. Follow the steps, determine your URL, and you can start working on your Online Bidding page immediately! Below, we have a full walkthrough listed.


In order to Set Up Online Bidding, you must have permission to Activate Online Bidding. See our article on Users for more information on these permissions.

Note: Setting Up Online Bidding allows you to begin preparing for the Online Bidding portion of your event by creating your Online Bidding URL. This will NOT notify your Supporters or send out any messages. Bidding will not begin until your specified Bidding Open Date and Time on any Online Bidding enabled Sections. This step is recommended to be done at least 60 days in advance of your event.


  1. From the Project Home, click Set Up Online Bidding under the Online Bidding header.
  2. Select the URL your Bidders will use to access Online Bidding.
    • A URL will be recommended for you. It will be a variation of your Organization’s Short Name and the Project year.
    • URL’s cannot be re-used year after year.
    • If the URL is already in use a warning will appear.
  3. Click Turn On Online Bidding to finalize your Online Bidding URL and be taken directly to your Online Bidding Settings!


Change or Deactivate:

If you need to change the URL after it’s been created, or determine that you will not need the Online Bidding page for this event after it’s created (but do not wish to cancel your Online Bidding product) please contact our Client Services team through our Support Chat, or at so that we can get that corrected for you.

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