Links Module

A links module is designed to give you a navigation bar of hyperlinks that provide quick navigation around your pages, images, files, or virtually anything else you can find on the web. They can display vertically, horizontally, or in a drop down box. Likewise, the links can be flush left, flush right, or centered. You can even have text appear when a cursor is hovered over the link!

Adding a Links Module:

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to add the module to. Ensure you are in Edit mode by clicking Edit Page in the top right corner (if it says View Page, you are in Edit Mode).
  2. Hover over Page Settings, and from the drop down menu select Add a New Module.
  3. Select the module from the list, and either drag and drop it to where you want it, or use the arrows in the right hand corner of the module to determine where it will be placed.

Adding Links to the Links Module:

  1. In the Links pane, click the Pencil icon op_pencil_1.jpg associated with the module to configure it further.
  2. Give the link a Title.
  3. In the Link Type area, select URL or File.
    • If File is selected, you will be prompted to Choose a File or Upload a New File from your personal files.
    • If URL is selected, either type or paste the URL in the text box.
    • You may also check to Track Number of Times This Link is Clicked, Log the User, Date, and Time For Every Link Click, and finally Open Link In Browser Window.
  4. Enter a Description if desired. The Description is what is displayed when you mouse over the link.
  5. View Order determines where it appears in the list. Lower numbers appear over higher numbers.
  6. Click the Update button to save your link.

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