Share Page Module

The Share Page module is a module that defaults to all new pages. At its core, this module allows your supporters or anyone that accesses your page to share it via the social media tool of their choosing. With over 150 social media choices available, your Supporters will never have to worry about the share page being incompatible with their platform of choice. This is a relatively straightforward module, with no editing required and only basic settings available.

Adding a Share Module:

The Share Page module should already be present on your page. If it has been removed, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to add the module to. Ensure you are in Edit mode by clicking Edit Page in the top right corner (if it says View Page, you are in Edit Mode).
  2. Hover over Page Settings, and from the drop down menu select Add a New Module.
  3. Select the module from the list, and either drag and drop it to where you want it, or use the arrows in the right hand corner of the module to determine where it will be placed.

The only other available settings for the Share Page module are the standard Settings found under the gear icon in the Share Page pane.

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